Alumni News – January 2021

Metalworks Institute graduates have kicked off 2021 with some fantastic work including a Gold Certification, a new record, and plenty of great new music. Keep scrolling to see what the #MetalworksCommunity has been up to this month!
  • Eric Ethridge Gold Record
  • Mark Schroor
Accomplished professional drummer, music producer, and audio engineer Mark Schroor, a graduate of Metalworks Institute's Audio Production & Engineering Diploma Program, played piano on Eric Ethridge's hit single "If You Met Me First" which has just been certified Gold by Music Canada! Congratulations!
  • A Music In Her Feelings
  • A Muse In Her Feelings Deluxe

'Amusing Her Feelings,' the Deluxe Version of DVSN's Billboard Charting Album 'A Muse In Her Feelings' has arrived and it's fantastic to see that not one, not two, but four graduates of Metalworks Institute's Audio Production & Engineering Diploma Program are credited on the album — acclaimed audio engineers Jeff Crake (Composer, Drums, Mixing Engineer, Recording Engineer), Noel Cadastre (Composer, Drums, Keyboards, Producer), Greg Moffett (Mixing Assistant, Mixing Engineer, Recording Engineer), and Harley Arsenault (Recording Engineer).

In addition to the previously released tracks, 'Amusing Her Feelings' delivers "She Said" and "He Said" featuring Miguel. Be sure to listen!


Congratulations to Kristian Balinov, a graduate of Metalworks Institute's Music Performance & Technology (Drums & Percussion Major) Diploma Program, on winning the award for "Best Music" at the fifth edition of the Vesuvius International Film Festival for his work on the short film "The Final Wish". "The Final Wish" is a comedy/action film about Madison, a 10-year-old girl who wants to become a superheroine; when a meteor falls on her pool, her dream comes true but she soon realizes that it's not easy being a super. Watch the whole movie on the official YouTube channel.

The Weeknd's "Blinding Lights" has dominated charts around the globe since it was released on Nov. 29, 2019 and that momentum is showing no signs of letting up as the track breaks yet another record. Shin Kamiyama, a graduate of Metalworks Institute's Audio Production & Engineering Diploma Program, has a recording engineering credit on "Blinding Lights" which has officially become the first song in history to spend one full year in the top 10 on the global Spotify chart. Congratulations!
Chart-topping music producer Akeel Henry, a graduate of Metalworks Institute's Audio Production & Engineering Diploma Program, mixed and co-produced Loony Moonchild's brand new single "Raw" with fellow producers Kevine Kofo and Jordan Manswell. Be sure to listen to the new single!

Music producer, artist, and songwriter Tal Vaisman, a graduate of Metalworks Institute's Audio Production & Engineering Diploma Program, co-wrote up-and-coming pop-rock artist Christee Palace's brand new single "What Have You Done To Me?" Don't forget to listen to the new song and follow @sounds_like_vaisman on Instagram to keep up with Tal's latest music.
Meagan Poutsoungas AKA Meagan Aversa, a graduate of Metalworks Institute's Professional Sound & Business (Studio Production Major) Diploma Program and Metalworks Institute's Music Mixing & Mastering Post-Graduate Diploma Program, has released her debut single "Luminescent". Listen to the new single wherever you get your music!
Artist and music business professional Michelle Owen, a graduate of Metalworks Institute's Entertainment Business Management Diploma Program, has just released a brand new song and music video "Reconcile". The official music video for "Reconcile" is available on YouTube and the song on its own is available exclusively through Bandcamp.

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