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Metalworks Institute’s ever-expanding campus is always in development and boasts the world’s most advanced technologies. Along with shared professional facilities at Metalworks Studios and Metalworks Production Group, our Show Production Lab and Digital Audio/MIDI Lab, as well as the studios, performance stages, lecture halls and classrooms offer unparalleled real-world integration.

Explore our Facilities pages below or book a Private Campus Tour with one of our Admissions Counsellors to discover the Metalworks Institute campus for yourself!

Woz Lab

The Woz Lab was given its title in recognition of Apple co-founder and Metalworks supporter Steve Wozniak, widely considered to be the preeminent pioneer of the personal computer. This 50-seat lab is equipped with HD video projection and Dolby Digital EX 6.1 surround audio, and provides students with individual workspaces complete with power, ethernet, and MIDI controllers. Students also have access to a dedicated media server which contains a large collection of audio and video media, including sound effects libraries by Sound Ideas, Hollywood Edge, Hanna-Barbera, Warner Bros, and Lucasfilm, as well as music libraries by Mix, Tunedrive, Trailer Trax, and Turner Music.

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Common Spaces

The common areas and campus grounds provide a creative and inspiring space for students to interact with their peers, faculty members, and staff. The North Hall and the South Lounge are both ideal spaces for students to socialize, study, create, share music, watch TV or even start a spontaneous jam session between classes.

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Our Microsoft and Mac-supported classrooms feature industry-leading audio/visual teaching aids. We believe that providing students with comfortable, well-equipped classrooms facilitates an enhanced learning experience and strengthens information retention.

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Lecture Hall

Metalworks Institute’s 200-seat Lecture Hall was designed to provide our students with the optimal learning environment for lecture-based classes. Class facilities include comfortable swivel seating, individual power and ethernet connections, a surround audio system, and HD video projection. Our lecture hall also provides an ideal space for guest lectures from our award-winning adjunct faculty.

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studio 9

Studio 9

Studio 9 provides students with an advanced digital mixing environment that has been acoustically treated to ensure optimal sound quality. With motorized faders, the ICON console is a tactile control surface that allows students to control the essential functions of their DAW with just the click of a button. An illuminated display offers real-time feedback for your session including track names, timecode, parameter values and playback position. Metalworks Institute’s three campus studios were designed by world-renowned acoustician Terry Medwedyk of Group One Acoustics.

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Studio 8

A staple in audio engineering for decades, studio 8 harnesses the power of the prestigious SSL 4000 E console. Its intimate environment comes packed with countless plugins from Universal Audio, Waves, Antares, Izotope, Melodyne, to name a few, and an array of analog outboard gear making it an exceptional environment for students to perfect their craft and polish their musical and technical skill sets. Metalworks Institute’s three campus studios were designed by world-renowned acoustician Terry Medwedyk of Group One Acoustics.

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Studio 7

One of 3 campus studios, Studio 7 has become a go-to spot for Metalworks students. Housing an SSL 4000 G analog console and a combination of essential outboard gear. The studio aims to provide a creative environment for students to apply the skills learned in class and hone their skills. With a live floor capable of recording everything from vocals to drums, it’s the ideal spot for students to bring their projects to life. Metalworks Institute’s three campus studios were designed by world-renowned acoustician Terry Medwedyk of Group One Acoustics.

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North Auditorium

The North Auditorium / Performance Stage provides students with a creative space to learn both the technical and creative essentials of live performance. Our exclusive educational partnership with Metalworks Production Group provides students with hands-on access to a vast array of the latest professional live sound and lighting equipment and musical instruments. This multi-faceted venue is used for lectures and workshops, as well as music clinics by our award-winning faculty, adjunct faculty, and guest clinicians. The stage is also home to the MWI Open Mic and a wide variety of student shows and performances.

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