Kevin Dorin stands at the forefront of talent sourcing and Music Business Consulting for The Hive

Kevin Dorin (Entertainment Business Management 2007), stands at the forefront of talent sourcing and Music Business Consulting for The Hive, an esteemed performance venue located in Sandpoint, North Idaho. With a capacity of 750 people, The Hive is renowned for its unparalleled experience in hosting performances.

Kevin's vision for The Hive extends beyond just providing a venue; it's about cultivating and nurturing talent, propelling emerging artists towards the spotlight they deserve. The venue boasts state-of-the-art facilities, including acoustically treated spaces and a sophisticated setup comprising a 6-camera Blackmagic filming system, four projector screens, and a Digico Console, offering artists an immersive Vegas-style experience.

Situated just an hour south of the border, The Hive serves as an ideal stop for Canadian bands, offering them a stage to showcase their talents.  The Hive is home to an annual Songwriting competition initiated by Kevin, welcoming submissions from residents of the Inland Northwest US. Over the past four years, the competition has garnered an impressive average of 100 entries annually, providing upcoming artists with opportunities, including opening gigs, mentorships, and even custom-made local guitars.

Among the success stemming from The Hive is Kevin's role as a Band Manager for The Janzen Boys (, a trio from Winnipeg known for their roots/Americana music.  As a solo artist himself, Kevin's journey continues to flourish. With plans to play hundreds of shows across the United States and a return to Canadian stages after a decade-long hiatus in fall 2024, he is set to promote his live album recorded at The Hive. 

His single, "I Am Not Afraid," serves as a powerful anthem born from his immigrant experience, shedding light on American media through his lyrics.  Produced and mixed by acclaimed industry veteran Trey Mills, "I Am Not Afraid" stands as a testament to Kevin's resilience and spirit, embodying the transformative power of music in transcending borders and creating unity.

Kevin's live album is available on his website here:

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