Jesse Read Empowers Canadian Artists to Shine

In the vast landscape of the Canadian music industry, where big record deals often dominate the spotlight, there exists an opportunity for independent artists to share their talents and stories with the world. This platform is none other than Dropout Entertainment, a medium founded by Jesse Read (Entertainment Business Management 2012) with a simple yet profound goal: to provide a space for artists across Canada to showcase their artistry.

What began as a personal hobby, fueled by Read's passion for giving independent artists the recognition they deserve, has blossomed into a cornerstone of the Canadian music scene. Dropout Entertainment has become a trusted ally for artists of all sizes, from newcomers releasing their debut singles to established multi-platinum acts seeking to expand their reach.

Dropout Entertainment offers services tailored to meet the diverse needs of Canadian artists. From videography and photography to writing, editing, and merchandise, the platform offers a modern approach to artist promotion. Dropout Entertainment excels in bringing the artists' visions to life.

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