Venue 110V: Live Sound Production I


Pro Tools 110V: This course focuses on the essential skills required to operate a VENUE system in a live sound environment. Coverage includes system operation using both the VENUE D-Show software and a VENUE control surface. Advanced students and working professionals may want to combine this course with VENUE 210V. This course is designed for live sound students and engineers with limited experience using a VENUE system.

Hours: 2 days (16-24 hours)

The price for this course includes the Official Venue 110V Courseware. Certification Exam Fees Not Included. Official AVID Pro Tools Courseware does NOT include AVID Pro Tools Software.


Basic knowledge of live sound principles 
Pro Tools 101: Introduction to Pro Tools (recommended) 
Pro Tools 110: Essentials of Pro Tools (recommended)


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Topics Include:

  • The VENUE concept – including the VENUE product line and design goals, differences between analog and digital console architecture, and components of a VENUE system
  • D-Show control software – including software functions, use of software in stand-alone mode, the D-Show user interface, system configuration, use of busses, and show file saving, loading, and transfer
  • Control surface overview – including differences between the D-Show, Profile, and SC48 control surfaces, input channel controls and encoders, assignable channel section controls, the SC48 Flex Channel, output section controls, and master and global controls
  • Built-in effects processing – including dynamics processing (compressor/limiter, expander/gate, settings and presets), standard EQ processing (EQs for inputs, graphic EQs for outputs, settings and presets), and signal routing through on-board processing (changing the processing order, bypassing effects with Input Direct, using multi-select)
  • TDM plug-ins and VENUE – including an overview of included plug-ins, plug-in installation, plug-in rack overview, plug-in assignment and routing, plug-in parameter control and adjustment, and plug-in preset saving and loading
  • Mixing with VENUE – including bus configuration for mixing (main bus configuration, center divergence, aux/group bus configuration), use of groups, use of aux busses, use of mute groups, and talkback, 2-track, and oscillator controls
  • Matrix Mixers – including matrix mixer overview, user input configuration for a matrix mixer, matrix input channel functionality (routing inputs, enabling input channels, copying/resetting/clearing mixes), and matrix output routing and adjustment
  • VENUE and Pro Tools LE – including VENUE-to-Pro Tools connection overview, interface options, Pro Tools LE show recording, ProTools track playback (supplemental playback and virtual soundcheck)

Software Configurations

  • D-Show 2.8.1
  • Bomb Factory BF76
  • D-Verb
  • Dynamics III
  • EQ III
  • Mod Delay II
  • Pitch
  • Signal Generator
  • SignalTools (PhaseScope only)
  • TimeAdjuster
  • Trim
  • Pro Tools 11, with a compatible VENUE system

System Configurations

  • VENUE SC48, Mix Rack, Profile, or D-Show system
  • FWx Card* (for Pro Tools LE connectivity)
    – OR –
    HDx Card (for Pro Tools HD connectivity)
  • Pro Tools LE system (laptop or desktop) or Pro Tools|HD system (with a compatible VENUE system)

*NOTE: FWx connectivity is included on VENUE SC48; no card required

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