Pro Tools 210P: Post Production Techniques


Pro Tools 210P: Post Production Techniques covers techniques for working with Pro Tools in a professional post production environment. Concepts and skills learned in 101, 110, and 201 are reinforced with practical post-specific examples.

Hours: 3 days (24-30 hours)

The price for this course includes the Official AVID Pro Tools 210P Courseware. Certification Exam Fees Not Included. Official AVID Pro Tools Courseware does NOT include AVID Pro Tools Software.


Pro Tools 101: Introduction to Pro Tools
Pro Tools 110: Essentials of Pro Tools
Pro Tools 201: Pro Tools Production Essentials.

Access to certification exams require that previous exams have been passed.


There are currently no scheduled dates for this course.

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Topics Include:

  • Synchronizing Pro Tools for audio post — AVID SYNC peripherals, loop sync, clock vs. positional reference, setting frame rates
  • Linear video in Pro Tools — 9-pin control of Pro Tools, Spot mode in post production, timestamps, replacing regions
  • Non-linear video in Pro Tools — QuickTime video, Blackmagic card, Avid DNA, digital video in Pro Tools, spotting with non-linear video
  • Importing digital media into the Pro Tools timeline — QuickTime video, Avid-compatible media, OMF/AAF (with DigiTranslator 2.0), MXF media
  • Working with the Video track — Video track features, Video window options, editing options, Video Universe window
  • Dialog editing techniques — The role of a dialog editor, dialog and ADR editing workflow, syncing dialog, adding room tone, cleaning up dialog
  • Organizing your session — Working with Digibase catalogs, organizing sessions for mixing, creating sub-groups, importing session data attributes
  • Mixing to picture — Mixing terminology, large-scale mixing, session signal flow, using plug-ins for post production, writing static (snapshot) automation, trim automation
  • Layback options — Linear layback workflow, non-linear layback (export options), export for web delivery or final evaluation
  • Synchronization concepts (appendix)
  • Mixing and DSP usage (appendix)
  • Advanced Authoring Format and Media Exchange Format (appendix)
  • Analog and digital television standards (appendix)

Software Configurations

  • Pro Tools 11
  • EQ III
  • Dynamics III
  • Machine Control
  • DigiTranslator™ 2.0
  • DINR™
  • Synchro Arts VocALign (optional)
  • X-Form
  • Sonic NoNOISE
  • Maxim
  • SignalTools PhaseScope
  • Pro Tools MP3 Option

System Configurations

  • Pro Tools|HD 2 Accel
  • 192 I/O, 96 I/O, or 96i I/O
  • MIDI I/O or similar multi-port MIDI interface
  • C|24, D-Command, or D-Control
  • Avid Mojo SDI, Avid Mojo, or AVoption|V10

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