Braden Bales Rises Through The Industry

Braden Bales (Audio Production & Engineering 2021) has been making waves in the music industry since graduating. Braden’s ability to bridge the gap between artistic expression and technical expertise has allowed him to craft songs that capture his emotions that boast high-quality production value. This combination sets the stage for a promising career in the music industry for Braden. 

Averaging over 650k monthly Spotify listeners, his songs often delve into personal themes, including struggles with mental health and anxiety. In tracks like "CHRONICALLY CAUTIOUS," he opens up about his own experiences, connecting with audiences who may be facing similar challenges. This honesty and authenticity have resonated with listeners, making his music relatable and heartfelt. 

This past spring, Braden won an outstanding graduate award at the Career Colleges Ontario Awards Ceremony. As he continues to navigate the music industry, we can expect to see Braden Bales reaching new heights of success. His dedication, education and authenticity as an artist set him on a path towards continued evolution. The world of music eagerly awaits the next stages of his creative journey. 

You can stay in the loop with Braden by using his social handle @bradenbales and see him live in concert at the Phoenix Concert Theatre in Toronto on Dec 7th.

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