Alumni Update: Trevor LeCavalier, Audio Production & Engineering

Trevor LeCavalier, a graduate of the Audio Production & Engineering Diploma Program, currently holds not one but two exciting positions in the Live Music Business. He is the co-founder of PEOPLE+CULTURE, a Toronto-based event-planning and promotion company that specializes in electronic music events, and he works for PRG Toronto doing a variety of production services, including lighting, audio, video, and rigging, for a wide range of event types.  

As DJs in Toronto, Trevor, AKA TELE, and his partner Strange City co-founded PEOPLE+CULTURE with the intention of providing up-and-coming DJs and electronic music artists with a platform to perform. In order to get the ball rolling, TELE and Strange City knew that they needed to leap into the event planning side of the live industry with a splash, and they succeeded in booking international headliner Luke Solomon – the founder of Classic Music Company, at Studio Bar for the first-ever PEOPLE+CULTURE show. The first PEOPLE+CULTURE event was a success and it provided a solid foundation for the company to grow. According to Trevor,  

“The event took months of planning and a lot of administration but in the end, it really paid off! We had a packed house, brought together a live vocal performance with an afro Peruvian percussionist and live vocalist, and a leading DJ duo from Toronto to round out the bill. It was truly a mesmerizing show from beginning to end, the crowd loved it and the venue owner started to take more electronic music bookings after our night… shortly after, we began to work with larger budgets and entities both internationally and locally, which helped grow our network and shape our brand.” 

Now in its third year, PEOPLE+CULTURE has become a familiar name at Toronto venues including CODA, Nest, ONE LOFT, and Parlour, and has started branching out into other locations, with recent shows in Ottawa and Barbados. 

Looking back at his time at MWI, Trevor tells us, “The most helpful aspect of my Metalworks education has been the hands-on stuff…really, most of it has helped guide me through my music career thus far.” 

After having numerous jobs in the music industry, Trevor has some advice to offer current students:  

  1. “Never give up, no matter what. I failed a few classes, got some tutoring, and passed to graduate; that feeling of accomplishment is the greatest feeling you can ever feel.”
  2. “Stay updated. Most of the stuff I do now is because Metalworks opened the door for me, [and] sent me in the right direction. It was up to me how far I wanted to go… No matter what, you are constantly learning new things every day, so you need to keep yourself updated.”
  3. “Be super passionate about what you do and take it seriously. A huge part of my success is all networking.” 
  4. “Never sell yourself short; we are all our own worst critics. Always stay positive and motivated … Good music will always find a home.” 
  5. “Don’t let your ego get in the way.” 

Great advice! Check out @peopleandcultureto on Facebook for upcoming events.

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