Alumni Update: Terence Lam, Audio Production and Engineering

Terence Lam graduated from the Audio Production and Engineering program in 2010. Immediately after graduation, Terence started with an internship at Metalworks Studios, followed by a three month internship with Canadian record producer, songwriter and musician Gavin Brown (Metric, Billy Talent, Three Days Grace, The Tragically Hip and more!). Terence says his time spent with Gavin was an eye opening experience that gave him a chance to view the artist-producer dynamic, and experience the overall level of talent held by Gavin Brown. Throughout 2010, Terence also started producing fellow MWI graduate; Beverley “Taya” Marquis and one of his own artists Adam Martin. The main focus for both artists was to have Terence personally develop them.

In January of 2011, Terence met Kuya Productions and started an internship with them. Within two months Terence was recruited as the third member of their team. Since then he has been heavily involved in producing and engineering all of their songs. In 2011 they focused on developing Kuya’s own artists (Karina Es/JRDN) while working with notable writers from LA; Damon Sharpe, Ryan Toby and George Nazuka. Throughout 2012 Terence and the team at Kuya were working on both JRDN’s album, and Canadian R&B artist Dru’s album (mixed by Terence!). 2012 also found them writing for other up and coming American R&B acts such as B-smyth, Ahsan, and Dylan Hyde. Terence also worked with notable Canadian artists including Masari, Kardinal Offishall, Danny Fernandes, Craig Smart, Anjulie  and Aleesia.

JRDN’s first single of his second album “Can’t Choose” was released last week, which marked Terence’s first production credit to be heard on the radio! A few other projects with which Terence has been involved in 2013 include; writing with fellow classmates Alessia (Kai), Kiril Travinski, and Alexandra Soumalias! In his spare time Terence can be found DJ’ing on a monthly basis at Tota Lounge in Toronto.

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