Alumni Update: Sagèlee Dinnall Archer, Music Performance & Technology (Guitar Major)

Sagèlee Dinnall Archer, a 2017 graduate of the Music Performance & Technology (Guitar Major) Program, has secured a position as an Online Licensing Administrator for CMRRA (Canadian Musical Reproduction Rights Agency LTD.).

Sagèlee’s role as Online Licensing Administrator will have her researching and licensing the digital reproduction of CSI-represented works. CSI licenses the reproduction rights in the joint repertoire of CMRRA and SODRAC to various music users, including radio stations, background music services, and online music services. Sagèlee has also been working on her own music and plans to release a mixtape soon, she notes “The concept incorporates lo-fi hip-hop, with soulful hinted R&B.”

We asked Sagèlee about her Metalworks experience and how it has helped in her in her new position.

What has been the most helpful aspect of your Metalworks education?

“Classes with Craig, Pier, Davor and Anna. Some teachers teach with the expectation of just granting you education but Craig, Pier, Davor and Anna always expected the best from you. They reminded me continually of the fact that the effort I was putting in on a daily basis within the education process must be equivalent to what I want in my career. I look back on my classes and the conversations we had and I am extremely grateful for them. Craig taught me to be intentional, Pier and Anna reminded me to not give up on myself and Davor reminded me of the joy that must be present to pursue your passion.”

Any words of wisdom for current students or your fellow graduates?

“Believe in yourself, remain humble, and don’t rely on people. The moment you stop believing in yourself is the moment you start to lose the purpose of it all. And the moment you start waiting on someone else is the moment you give them power over your life.

I’m nowhere near being as accomplished as I want to be today but those morals along with the knowledge I gained from teachers at Metalworks will help propel me forward to a brighter future.”

Great advice from an inspiring, young music-professional. You can find out more about Sagèlee’s journey and her music on social media:


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