Alumni Update: Oudai Abujaber

Oudai Abujaber graduated from Metalworks Institute’s Audio Production and Engineering Program in 2013. Oudai came to Metalworks in 2012 from Amman, Jordan to follow his goals of pursuing a career within the music and entertainment industry. “Metalworks was like a second home to me,” he said. “I know it is not easy to get what you want, but you have to keep trying and say yes to every challenge you face. Put your fears and doubt aside and do the maximum of what you have learned and never hesitate to use your creativity and imagination.”

Oudai now works as a commercial producer at two radio stations; the biggest station in Amman, Jordan, Beat FM and the first independent English speaking station in Jordan, Mood FM. Additionally, Oudai works in commercial production for customized radio stations for public retail locations and restaurants in various countries all over the Middle East including Jordan, The United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Lebanon. Throughout the production process for the commercials, Oudai uses Logic Pro X and Adobe Audition to record the voice overs, make necessary edits and process the recordings. He impresses his clients by creating attention-grabbing effects and unique musical themes specific to each commercial to help grab the listener’s attention and keep them engaged.

“Metalworks gave me a solid structure to build my career.”

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