Alumni Update: Kevin Dorin, Entertainment Business Management

Kevin Dorin graduated from the Entertainment Business Management program in 2007. He then returned to his hometown in Calgary where he began working at a local production company with fellow classmates, Mathew Keller and Matt Wagner. From the production company, Kevin moved to managing the band Frankie McQueen, who at the time, had just been awarded $200,000 in funding from AMP radio in Calgary. Kevin then had the opportunity to tour the country as a musician and technical support for the indie band Sidney York. It was after this tour throughout Canada in a minivan that Kevin then decided he wanted to become a professional performer.

After his tour with Sidney York, Kevin started his own band, Bigger Fish Than Guns, with friend and co-writer Brendan Kearns. Darren Benner, another Metalworks alumni, later joined the band as the drummer and producer. Bigger Fish Than Guns’ hit, “Texas T” was on the Canadian Terrestrial Radio Top 40 list for six weeks and were then awarded $25,000 cash from Harvard Broadcasting. As a result of their award win from Harvard Broadcasting, Bigger Fish Than Guns had the opportunity to open for electrorock band, AWOLNATION.

Kevin recently decided to take on a new role in the entertainment industry and travelled the country once again – this time asking people Canada-wide a very important question, “What is Canadian music?”. He turned this into a documentary titled the same, What is Canadian Music?, which was just completed in November 2013.

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