Alumni Update: Kevin Deepnarine, AKA Sonorous

Music producer Kevin Deepnarine, known professionally as Sonorous, graduated from Metalworks Institute’s Audio Production & Engineering Diploma Program in 2020 and has already co-produced a Billboard-charting hit! While completing his program at Metalworks Institute, Sonorous co-produced the song “Revenge” off of Joyner Lucas’s album ADHD with fellow producers DRTWRK, Jahaan Sweet, and Boi-1da. The album peaked at #10 on the Billboard 200 Chart and the official video for “Revenge” has racked up over 16 million views on YouTube! It’s inspiring to see a new graduate off to such an impressive start in his career.

Since graduating, Kevin has been almost entirely focused on producing – everything from melodic compositions to beats. He has also been experimenting with live instrumentation using the knowledge of microphone techniques that he gained from his program. As Kevin tells us, “Experimentation is extremely important to me in the creative process so learning that background knowledge from Metalworks [has] allowed me to tap into a more creative aspect of things.”

We asked Kevin, “What has been the most helpful aspect of your Metalworks education?” and this is what he had to say:

“I am extremely grateful to have experienced and completed the Audio Production & Engineering program at Metalworks. Having the school located in the heart of Mississauga made it convenient for me… The complete course was tremendously helpful in all aspects and I enjoyed the learning process. The most helpful [courses for me were] Business & Contracts, Digital Audio Workshop, Principles of Electricity & Electronics, Recording Engineering, and Recording Studio Workshop.

Business & Contracts helped me gain an extensive understanding of the digital revolution & law in general. Digital Audio Workshop helped me gain substantial skills involving hardware & software-based digital technologies, [including] the importance of advanced recording and editing in Pro Tools. Principles of Electricity & Electronics expanded my knowledge in the areas of electric circuits & electric fields.… Recording Engineering taught me a lot about microphones, signal flow, SSL console operation, [ audio ] environments, and a lot more. Recording Studio Workshop allowed me to get my hands on SSL consoles which I had no [previous] experience with and sharpened my knowledge of engineering.

I am forever grateful for everything regarding Metalworks, everything I’ve achieved so far, my loved ones, and the divine powers watching over me. I’m going to be a student forever at heart, a student of the game and a student of sound. Now it’s just about making more memorable moments through music and life.”

Kevin then offered some advice for current students, “For all students attending Metalworks, whatever it is that you’re pursuing, give your 110%…Have faith, keep genuine people who operate out of love with good intentions around you and most importantly, have fun.”

Kevin also gave a shoutout to his parents for supporting him with his music, “I still remember the time that they bought me my first laptop and a pair of studio monitors so I always honor them for believing in me and encouraging me to do what I love.”

Be sure to keep up with Sonorous’s latest work on Genius and social media.

Twitter: @1sonorous
Instagram: @prodbysonorous

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