Alumni Update: Kemo Deepnarine, AKA KenjiBoiii

Since graduating from Metalworks Institute’s Audio Production & Engineering Diploma Program in 2019 Kemo Deepnarine, known by his artist’s name KenjiBoiii, has been steadily working on his art and providing fans with a consistent stream of new releases including his brand-new single “Welcome”. As a full-time hip-hop artist, KenjiBoii has built up an impressive repertoire of over 30 singles, many of which have been featured on Spotify Canada’s Northern Bars Playlist. As KenjiBoiii tells us “Balance is key, and that’s all I wanted to achieve. I’ve made a living off music and constantly released singles ever since graduation.”

Now that he has been in the industry for a few years, we asked KenjiBoiii to reflect on his experience as a student at Metalworks Institute and this is what he had to say:

“In my heart, I’m forever a student at Metalworks Institute. Looking back on the experience, [my] Metalworks education taught me to [look] more within myself [and] I’m glad to say that I’ve grown as an individual from it. Community is the heart and soul of the campus.

For all current students at Metalworks. If you have a vision, chase it …You may reach your [immediate] destination, but the journey never ends because growth is eternal. We are forever achieving greatness.”

It’s always inspiring to see Metalworks Institute graduates creating their art and pursuing their dreams. Be sure to stream “Welcome” and follow KenjiBoii on social media to keep up with new releases.

Spotify: Kenjiboiii

Twitter: @Kenjiboiii

Instagram: _Kenjiboiii

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