Alumni Update: Keegan Boldin, Music Mixing & Mastering and Audio Production & Engineering

Keegan Boldin, a graduate of both the Audio Production & Engineering and post-graduate Music Mixing & Mastering Diploma Programs, has joined the team at Inside Pocket Music where he is working alongside acclaimed music-producers Gavin Brown and Dave Mohacsi.

Inside Pocket Music is a record label, artist management and publishing company founded in 2018 by Gavin Brown. Their growing roster includes chart-topping artists Poesy, Havelin, Luna Li, League of Wolves, Maïa, and Delhi 2 Dublin. 

Keegan shared some insights into his experiences so far: 

“The staff and I at Inside Pocket Music Label are working hard on more Poesy tracks! It’s been quite the experience working under Gavin Brown and Dave Mohacsi. I’d have to say the whole involvement of being a part of their inner circle and learning under them has been the ‘stand out’ experience. I do a lot of audio editing during my time spent there [and] I also get to run Pro Tools on sessions.” 

When Keegan isn’t working at Inside Pocket Music, he spends his time engineering and producing for local bands under his brand name K-Sound ProductionsHe just finished producing Sex Cauldron’s debut EP, available on Spotify and is currently collaborating with a videographer to create a personal music video using virtual reality (VR) and spatial music production. Keegan has high-hopes for the finished project, telling us “VR and Augmented Reality (AR) is the way of future and audio will play a big part in making that authentic with Ambisonic and Spatial Audio.” 

Keegan’s music career is off to a great start, so we decided to ask him “What has been the most helpful aspect of your Metalworks education?” and this is what he had to say 

“The most helpful aspect of Metalworks education splits with the two programs I enrolled in.  The Audio Production and Engineering Program taught me my way around a studio and proper studio etiquette. As well as how to use different DAW’s.  The Music Mixing and Mastering Program taught me how to use my ears and listen.  It enabled me to understand how sound and energy tie in together and how we can manipulate that in order to make music and exemplify emotion.  Metalworks also gave me friends, connections and led me to a job I never thought I’d have. I couldn’t be more grateful.” 

Keegan then shared some excellent advice to current students, 

“My advice to the current students of Metalworks… Don’t give up.  You came to this school for a reason and you chose this path in life for a reason. Put the school and its resources to your best use.  Show up, learn, and ask questions. Network as much as possible and be the best version of yourself. You might lose sight of why you’re there and begin to doubt yourself.  That’s okay!  Just don’t give up and the right people will notice that. I love what I do and I wouldn’t trade that for anything.” 

Be sure to follow K-Sound Productions on social media for new releases!  

Instagram: @ksoundprod
Facebook: @ksoundprod

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