Alumni Update: Katelyn McNeill, Entertainment Business Management

Upon successfully completing Metalworks Institute’s Entertainment Business Management Program in 2014, Katelyn McNeill took on a 6 month internship with The Agency Group. Currently operating out of seven dedicated offices – Los Angeles, London, Miami, Nashville, New York, Toronto and Malmo – The Agency Group offers a truly global ‘live’ representation to each of its 2,000 artists. Katelyn dealt with a large roster of artists for multiple agents within the Toronto office, working with the rosters of Zaed Maqbool and Ralph James. Katelyn’s responsibilities included receiving offers from promoters and creating performance contracts, updating artist calendars, collecting ticket counts for shows and administrative duties. During this time, Katelyn also worked as a part of the team for Canadian Music Week, one of the premier entertainment events in North America. Working closely with the Marketing and Sponsorship Manager, she assisted with the coordination of last minute sponsorship and partner deals for the Festival’s Conference.

Recently, Katelyn was hired as Tour Logistics Coordinator at The Management Trust, a Toronto-based artist management company helmed by Jake Gold. In this role, she has been responsible for advancing all aspects of the companies touring artists. This has involved communicating logistics for all events, shows and tours including travel, work permits, advancing and more with promoters, festival directors, travel agents, tour managers, and production managers. Earlier this month Katelyn’s official title with the company changed and she is now the Director of Touring and Logistics.

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