Alumni Update: Jack Caggianello, Digital Music Production

One of the first graduates of Metalworks Institute’s Digital Music Production Program, Jack Caggianello has had a number of terrific opportunities come his way since he completed the program in 2014.

Shortly after graduating, he connected with film and television composer (and Metalworks faculty member) Kevin Pooler, who offered Jack a position assisting with vocal tuning, session organization, and various projects at studios throughout the Toronto area.

“I learned a ton working alongside Kevin during that time,” says Jack.

While working with Pooler, Jack received a call from Tambourine Studios in Malmö, Sweden, offering him an invitation to come work some sessions. Working in Sweden was most definitely a different experience for him.

“I was so used to doing things my own way, but the Swedes have their own sound and a very intricate way of producing their music. Everything about being there was amazing – the people, the atmosphere – and the fact that almost everyone in Sweden can speak English was a lifesaver.”

Jack spent five days a week in the control room in Tambourine’s biggest studio, assisting and observing the studio’s recording or mixing engineers and learning how to work in the studio himself. After three months at Tambourine, Jack headed back home and began working with Pooler at his newly-created sound design company; LP24.

Since arriving back home in Toronto, Jack has been hard at work with Kevin developing LP24. He’s recently been named Product Manager for the company, which involves overseeing all products and communications with sound designers throughout the world.

“We were and still are working hard to create great products for producers all around the world to use in their productions. We’re moving in a great direction and I’m looking forward to seeing where the future takes us.”

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