Alumni Update: Henderson Nguyen, Audio Production and Engineering

Henderson Nguyen graduated from the Audio Production and Engineering Program in 2011. He is currently working on several music projects as both a producer and audio engineer and is even doing some work as an artist himself, under the name The Theorist. Henderson plays and remixes piano covers of songs and showcases them on his YouTube channel – The Theorist.  He had his first show as part of the Hennesy Artistry Toronto event in May of this year, which was hosted by Hennessy and 1LOVETO; “The highly anticipated event was held at The Everleigh (formerly as Century Room) in downtown Toronto in the mature entertainment district of King West. For those unfamiliar with the Hennessy Artistry event and what it embodies, it’s pretty simple… the underlying theme of the event is ‘The Art of Blending’; Hennessy combines the concept of mixing it’s signature liquor with different mixers with the idea of bringing together different musical genres and artists.”  Check out a video of Henderson’s show below!

Here are some of the projects that Henderson has recently produced and/or engineered:

TAWLST – No Stones
D-Pryde – Ready Set Go
The Airplane Boys – Brave
Follow Henderson on Twitter to check out more of his work!



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