Alumni Update: Darrin Drugan, Entertainment Business Management

Darrin Drugan graduated from the Entertainment Business Management Program in 2012. What started out as an internship with BKCi Entertainment Inc last year has recently turned into a full time position for Darrin. BKCi was “founded in 2011 by influential A&R executive Jeff Burns, BKCi Entertainment Inc is a full service independent record label endeavouring to establish alliances with bands, artists, and musicians in order to further their careers within the music industry.”

BKCi is distributed by Universal Music Group Canada. Here Darrin is working within the A&R and marketing department while also helping out with various aspects of the label including social media and talent. He will be working to assist Jeff Burns and Kathy Hahn (Island Records Canada, MuchMusic, RCA Records), in their search for great new talent.

As a musician himself, Darrin is pursuing his musical career and is currently registered in CBC’s Artist Searchlight competition with his song “Change in my Pocket”. Darrin’s musical influences are found to connect best with the Alternative/Punk, Underground, Hip Hop and Drum N’ Bass styles, as an independent artist, he has had plenty of indie releases including four indie movies. Check out Darrin’s entry in CBC’s Searchlight competition and vote for “Change in my Pocket”!

Darrin is constantly looking forward to meeting new people and networking. He is excited about where his journey within the entertainment industry will take him next as he continues to grow as a musician and industry professional.

Darrin Drugan on Facebook

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