Alumni Update: Burke Cameron, Audio Production & Engineering

Shortly after graduating from Metalworks Institute’s Audio Production & Engineering Program, Burke Cameron, a talented musician and drummer, began his career as a full-time Audio/Visual Technician with PSAV. His primary client was the Ritz-Carlton Hotel’s conference and events space, but he also worked in various luxury hotels around the city of Toronto, including the Shangri-La, the Four Seasons, the Sheraton Centre, and the Hilton.

Earlier this year, Burke took on a new opportunity as the Audio Visual Coordinator at the University of St. Michael’s College in Toronto. In this relatively new role, Burke prepares and coordinates all audio-visual needs in the school’s 27 classrooms and lecture halls. This primarily involves setting up video screens and projectors, laptops and smart boards, but also sound systems for larger lecture halls, for the school’s film courses, and for the occasional musical entertainment at the school. Burke also provides on-site technical assistance, and maintains all equipment.

While his position does take up a fair bit of his time, Burke has also managed to continue to invest time to his musical ambitions. In October, he released a solo EP under the name Hykeham, which can be found via Bandcamp.

“I did everything myself in my apartment, except the drums. I had to record those at a rehearsal space [for obvious reasons]. It was fun playing all of the instruments and I am currently in the process of writing another batch of songs for Hykeham. I might try adding more electronics in the mix, but we’ll see.”

Burke has also been working with his colleague Ryan Brownrigg on his project ‘Chloe’s World’, providing drums and bass guitar to that project. They’re currently mixing the album, entitled Vegetarian Summer, which should be out in early 2017.

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