Alumni Update: Amelia Chiarelli, Professional Sound & Business – Studio Production Major

Amelia Chiarelli grabbed on to not one but two internships after graduating from Metalworks Institute’s Professional Sound & Business – Studio Production Major Program.

The first was with the Number 9 Audio Group in Toronto, which led to freelance work with the On Time Music Group. She also interned at Toronto’s Noble Street Studios, which added to her studio experience, and gave her insight into the type of studio she wanted to work in

Following her stint at Noble Street, Amelia found a position at Oak Recording Studios, where she engineered sessions for artists in many different genres, worked in post-production, edited, mixed, and further developed her skills as an engineer.

After a year and a half at Oak, Amelia felt that she “had gone as far as (she) could there. Oak also made me realize that I wanted to move into the world of post-production.” Amelia met with various studios and post-production facilities over the next few months, before ultimately landing her current gig at Images in Sound, a post-production facility located in the heart of Toronto’s Entertainment District.

As Production Coordinator at Images in Sound, Amelia is responsible for all of the elements of each project that comes through the door, from scheduling, to communicating with the project’s own staff and fixing issues, to delivering the final audio mix to broadcasters.

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