Alumni Review: Kayley Szanto, Entertainment Business Management 2011

Kayley is a recent graduate from the Entertainment Business Management program and has built an impressive list of work experience in the entertainment industry so far.

Kayley originally attended our Institute because she loved music, but as she continued on in her program her interests and goals branched out. She says, “when I started going there, I had no idea what I really wanted to do. During my time at MWI, I took part in a lot of different music-related events including Canadian Music Week, JUNOfest, Big Music Fest and MIAC (Music Industry Association of Canada). I didn’t realize what I wanted to do until I had the Event Production & Venue Management class. This class kind of put the pieces of the puzzle together for me and made me realize, ‘Oh…maybe I can actually do this.’”

Now that Kayley has completed her studies and has found her career path, she says, “I would recommend the school to any music lover who has a passion for it, and really believes that they have what it takes to get themselves into the industry. The school is such a great help, but it’s really all about a person’s passion, determination and confidence to have an amazing experience at Metalworks, and in the industry post-graduation.”

One month after graduation, Kayley began an internship with the CARAS/JUNO Awards as an Operation Intern, which involved working with President/CEO Melanie Berry. “It was awesome to see what the big guys at the top do on a day-to-day basis,” Kayley says regarding her internship. In 2012, Kayley took on the role of a Registration Manager at Canadian Music Week. “Working for CMW was definitely a big dream of mine during my time at Metalworks, and a milestone in my career so far,” Kayley says.

Currently CMW is in its off-season, which has given Kayley a short break before beginning work as a VIP Hostess for Live Nation at the Molson Amphitheatre and Event Services at the Rogers Centre for the summer. “I’m really excited to get some venue experience,” Kayley gushes about her summer job.

After the summer, Kayley will return to work as Registration Manager at Canadian Music Week, which she is thrilled about. “I got to learn so much more than my job description and everyone in the office was awesome. I loved the challenge and I just loved getting to do my job and be there, especially on site with the stress! It got crazy sometimes on site but I actually would get energy from it. I loved talking to everyone and of course I loved the benefits of having an ‘All Access Pass’ during CMW,” Kayley says.

When asked about what her future plans are, Kayley says that one of her career dreams has already been lived: “I’m honestly not the type of person to look too far into the future. Working at CMW was a huge dream of mine and since it’s been accomplished, I’m satisfied right now. I just want to keep working music events, gaining more experience, working as hard as I can and exploring my options when they present themselves to me. I believe that things will happen if you work hard enough – it’s proven itself so far.”

We wish Kayley all the best in her career!

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