Alumni Review: Isaac Eydlin, Show Production & Event Management (2009)

Isaac Eydlin is one of our 2008-2009 graduates. He graduated from the twelve-month Show Production & Event Management.

In his review of the program Isaac said, “I had a great experience learning at the Institute. The knowledge and hands on training I received from the school really expanded my understanding of sound and how all aspects of a live concert are created. The teachers were extremely knowledgeable and passionate and with all of their industry experience, they made the classes much more enjoyable and practical. My experience here was an invaluable part of my career training.”

Eydlin currently works at GlassBOX Television. Hired while still attending school, Eydlin began as a weekend Master Control Operator. After finishing school he was promoted to the full-time position of Head of Master Control.

Run by, “two Internet guys who are focused on making use of new technologies”, GlassBOX Television seeks to deliver content in innovative ways, across the globe. It produces original content from its 17,000 square foot studio located right here in Mississauga.

Director of Programming at GlassBOX TV, Sharon Stevens said, “Master Control is an integral part of our operations as it’s the last line of defense for both of our TV channels going to air. Isaac Eydlin has proven his technical aptitude on many occasions, as well as during high pressure channel issues.” As Master Control Operator, Eydlin is responsible for ensuring all technical aspects for on-air programming for both BiteTV and AuxTV. He is also responsible for a lot of the scheduling and trafficking of both channels.

Sharon Stevens added that Eydlin wears multiple hats in the company and he’s “also shown initiative when it comes to implementing new strategies to ensure that Master Control is always operating at maximum efficiency. His experience and training have made him a great asset to the GlassBOX TV family.”

Eydlin commented that one of the greatest advantages of attending the school is the relationship between the Institute and Metalworks Studios and Metalworks Production Group. This provides students with the opportunity to work with the same equipment that other professional companies use, “which is a rare opportunity in post-secondary education”. He also worked on events with Metalworks Production Group staff, giving him more hands on experience and the opportunity to work with professionals in the field. He was Stage Manager for Metalworks’ Summerfest which included acts such as Moneen and Glen Drover.

“Metalworks Institute also really prepared me for my tour with Simple Plan, by teaching me all the theory and techniques which helped me contribute to the success of Simple Plan’s shows,” Eydlin said. Eydlin won the Sennheiser StageMeister competition in 2009. His essay about why he would make the best Roadie was selected out of 8000 entries in North America. He was flown to Sennheiser’s American headquarters for training, and then sent on the road for four shows with Simple Plan. “All of the members of Simple Plan were very down to earth guys, they appreciated my help and treated me just like one of their crew. It was an amazing experience and I couldn’t have asked for a better band to work with,” recalled Eydlin.

Isaac concluded by stating, “I truly believe that our Institute prepares their students for the professional world and I would highly recommend the school to anyone interested in live sound engineering,” said Eydlin.

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