Alumni News: Derrick Sepnio, Audio Production and Engineering

Derrick Sepnio graduated from the Audio Production & Engineering program in 2009. After graduation, Derrick began to work with notable Juno Award-winning producer Gavin Brown and engineer/producer Lenny Derose. Once Derrick had been working for these industry icons for two years, he decided to move back to Hong Kong and co-founded a production company called P.R.C. Music Production and Lightroom Studio with renowned Soul/R&B singer Khalil Fong. Under P.R.C. Music Production and Lightroom Studio, Derrick produced several number one hits in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, along with numerous hits for artists such as: Jane Zhang, Bibi Zhou, Fiona Sit, Tia Ray and more.

After some time in Hong Kong, Derrick was given the opportunity to be a guitar player on a year-and-a-half world tour with Asian superstar diva Sandy Lam.

Since returning from the tour, Derrick has started producing for Khalil Fong’s upcoming album and is also doing freelance arranging and mixing for artists in Hong Kong, China and Taiwan. Derrick is also preparing for another world tour as a guitar player with Khalil Fong and is looking forward to another year-and-a-half of travelling the world starting in 2014.

One of the highlights of Derrick’s career so far has been working with string arranger Benjamin Wright who arranged strings for Michael Jackson and is currently arranging for Justin Timberlake.

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