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DJ North PrepCongratulations to MPT-Vocal Major student Lauren and her sister on making waves throughout the Toronto music scene with DJ North Prep! “North Prep is a DJ duo and music production company consisting of two sisters originating from Toronto, Canada. This sister duo is unique because they work together and build on their knowledge in music as musicians and producers. North Prep’s musical genre originates from millennium pop music and dance tunes, however it subtly incorporates modern hip-hop and rhythm and blues, and more overtly underground and current EDM music. North Prep’s joint  skills  encompasses every band instrument available, including vocals, bass, guitar, drums, keys and DAWs. Their skills also include song writing, engineering and producing. North Prep is making noise in the EDM scene, DJing at some of the top 10 nightclubs in Toronto, such as, The Hoxton and Cabin Five. DJ North Prep is worldwide playing at venues from Toronto, Canada to Miami, Florida alongside musicians such as, Madeon, Dzeko and Torres, 3LAU, Matt Zanardo, Lance Romance, DJ Danny D, and more! North Prep is closely associated with Metalworks by attending Metalworks institute and recording at Metalworks studio”.

North Prep is on Facebook
North Prep’s first single “Invincible” and YouTube
North Prep’s newest record “Everywhere I Go” is now up on SoundCloud


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