Student News: Guest Lecture with Ray Sharma – Extreme Venture Partners, XMG Studio, Xtreme Labs

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On Wednesday, January 7th Ray Sharma visited Metalworks Institute for a Guest Lecture on “The Rise of the App Economy”.

Ray Sharma is a leader in the technology development and investment economy with specific expertise in mobile. Ray has been involved as a founder in several start-ups of interest including Extreme Venture Partners where he is also Executive Managing Partner. EVP is an accomplished venture capital firm, as determined by exits and investment returns. Ray is also the founder and Chairman of XMG Studio, a critically acclaimed game studio with tens of millions of fans worldwide. Ray was also a founder and former Chairman of Xtreme Labs, a World-class mobile and web application developer. At the time of its sale to private investors, Xtreme Labs was Canada’s largest mobile app developer.

Previously Ray spent over 10 years in wireless technology investment banking research. During that period Ray was the top-ranked wireless technology analyst based on Greenwich and Brendan Woods International surveys of fund managers for 5 of 8 eligible years. During his research career Ray evangelized a vision that the smartphone represents a generational shift in computing away from the PC.

Ray stressed the importance of “thinking outside of the box” to our students when growing into the industry and provided a number of examples of how to learn and grow from emerging trends.


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