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Songs for Africa CEO Darcy Ataman Song for Africa is a non-profit organization created to engage, educate and foster African youth living in extreme poverty through music and socially-conscious art. Starting in March of 2006 with one song, Song for Africa has grown tremendously over the years to include their June 2010 album release, Rwanda: Rises Up! Song for Africa is an official charity partner with our Institute.

Song for Africa CEO Darcy Ataman had this to say about partnering with Metalworks, “I am absolutely thrilled that Song for Africa is joining forces with Metalworks and able to add its rich history of building artistic capacity in Canada. Together we will extend and deepen that capacity to aid in some of Africa’s most pressing developmental and humanitarian issues through Song for Africa’s Music Enrichment Program.”

Our students had the opportunity to work with world-renowned Canadian producer David Bottrill and Billy Talent guitarist Ian D’Sa on the song “Land of a Thousand Hills” and assisted with promotion. Our students will be offered the opportunity to work with Song for Africa in music production and setup. Along with this, select students will also be given the opportunity to travel and work with Song for Africa on site in Africa.

Canadian producer David Bottrill commented, “having spent many years working at Metalworks Studios and doing the occasional seminar at MWI, I’m very excited with the new partnership between MWI and Song for Africa. Our aim is to provide top quality recording facilities through the Music Enrichment Program to aid emotional rehabilitation and provide tools for advocacy and prevention in regards to humanitarian issues in Africa such as: HIV/AIDS, child soldiers and gender-based sexual violence. I’m very hopeful that some of the graduate students from MWI will participate as interns on the ground in Rwanda and the Panzi Hospital and Child Soldier Transit Center in the Congo to help participants express themselves and use the MEP as a tool for change.”

Craig Titus, Executive Program Director stated, “Metalworks Institute is very excited to partner with Song for Africa and their exceptional initiatives to transform the lives of those less fortunate. The partnership has already given our students an incredible opportunity to work with world-renowned producer David Bottrill and Ian D’Sa in a real-world music initiative. Song for Africa is an extraordinary organization with an enormous commitment to empowering the people of Africa to build their own positive future using music as the catalyst, which in many ways mirrors the foundation of our school’s mission statement for our students.”

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