About the Scholarship

The annual Clarkson Music Theatre Performing Arts Scholarship is a $1,000 Bursary awarded each year to a graduating student who is a Mississauga Resident, entering a post-secondary education, with proven and special ability in the Performing Arts and the intent to continue his/her studies in the Performing Arts (dance, music, acting, production). The student’s pursuit of Artistic improvement may be achieved through courses in post-secondary studies, extra-curricular involvement, private lessons or other proven means. Special consideration will be given to applicants who are in need of financial help AND /OR have a record of involvement in Community Theatre. Clarkson Music Theatre is pleased to continue its mandate to foster young people, music and theatre in Mississauga through this program.

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for the Clarkson Music Theatre Scholarship, an applicant must:

Graduation Status

Be a graduating High School student

Locations Status (1)

Be a resident of Mississauga

Performance Status (1)

Demonstrate proven and special ability in the Performing Arts

MWI Status

Meet Metalworks Institute's program eligibility requirements

How to Apply

1. A Completed Application Form.

2. A 250 – 500 word letter of introduction to Clarkson Music Theatre defending why you deserves this award and how the one thousand dollar prize money will be applied to improve your skills in the Performing Arts.

3. A detailed LETTER OF ENDORSEMENT from your high school teacher (addressed and sealed) to the Board of Clarkson Music Theatre. Such reference should supply evidence of both the applicant’s ability and experience in the Performing Arts and why the teacher endorses your application for this CMT scholarship.