About the Scholarship

The Noel Cadastre/Metalworks Institute Scholarship was established with Metalworks Institute Alumnus and SoundsUnite Co-Founder Noel Cadastre. Noel, a graduate of the Audio Production & Engineering program (2006), has achieved tremendous success in the global music industry, driven by the love of music and a fierce work ethic. Through these scholarships, Noel wants to make sure there is opportunity for the next generation of music industry professionals in the culturally and economically important music ecosystem.

Every year, Noel Cadastre/Metalworks Institute scholarships are awarded to successful applicants valued at up to $10,000 to help cover program tuition eligible programs. Students can study on campus, through distance education, or in a hybrid delivery format.

Open to domestic applicants as well as international applicants from Caribbean Nations, the Noel Cadastre/Metalworks Institute Scholarship prioritizes individuals with a commitment to excellence, a strong work ethic, and a demonstrated passion for music. While the scholarship significantly alleviates the financial burden, recipients remain responsible for other educational expenses, such as the remaining tuition balance, textbooks, supplies, housing, and any additional fees associated with their chosen program.

Eligible Programs:

  • Audio Production & Engineering (APE)
  • Electronic Music Production (EMP)
  • Music Business (MB)
  • Professional Sound & Business (Studio Production Major)
  • Professional Sound (Audio Specialist)

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for the Noel Cadastre/Metalworks Institute Scholarship, an applicant must:

Citizenship Status

Canadian Resident or Resident of a Caribbean country

Eligibility Status

Apply to Eligible Programs.

Eligibility Status

Meet Metalworks Institute’s program eligibility requirements

How to Apply

1. Fill out Step I of the program application

3. Submit application