Metalworks Production Group is Expanding!

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Metalworks Production Group

Metalworks Production Group

Metalworks Production Group is pleased to announce expansion plans!  We will be adding another 10, 000 square feet and three additional dock bays to our main shop.  We will now have a total of 26, 000 square feet and seven dock bays to better serve all Metalworks clients!

These new additions will help streamline organizational aspects of equipment packing, as well as improve the process of shipping and receiving shows.

Recently, Metalworks Production Group successfully provided sound for Alexisonfire’s sold-out final show at the Copps Coliseum in Hamilton, ON on December 30th, 2012.

“The expansion will now give Metalworks Production Group improved logistics and communication, which will allow us to manage more shows simultaneously.”

-John Watt, Shop Manager/Logistics, Metalworks Production Group

With the addition of new space, we are selling equipment to make room for future purchases.  Metalworks Production Group has a variety of Audio, Lighting, Video and Staging equipment for sale!  Interested buyers, please visit our website at for more details!

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