Metalworks Institute Campus Life – March 2017

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March is always eventful – a true statement even if you’re just talking about the weather, and March 2017 at Metalworks Institute was no exception. While nature was working out its vernal mood-swings, students in all our campus programs were busy developing their professional skill-sets.

When Metalworks Institute opened in 2005 we had just one program – Audio Production and Engineering. Since then, the school has grown to include sixteen full-time campus diploma programs, and this expansion has enhanced the educational experience of all our students, regardless of their area of specialization. Not only do students have greater opportunity to network with one another, with more instructors with different areas of expertise we’re able to arrange interdisciplinary lectures. These lectures include instrument- specific clinics for students registered in audio engineering. By spending time with experienced musicians, students get greater insight into how to work with artists and session musicians in the studio.

Students from our Professional Sound & Business Program – Studio Production Major, also got an exciting opportunity to spend some time in the studio with Grammy-Award winning producer David Bottrill and Darcy Ataman, founder of Make Music Matter. To read more about our ongoing partnership with Make Music Matter and the unique opportunity it provides for Metalworks Institute students check out our blog post.

And, of course, our monthly round-up post wouldn’t be complete without some snapshots of campus life!

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