Members of Parliament Visit Metalworks!

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Members of Parliament visit Metalworks Studios

MP Tony Clement, MP Brad Butt, CEO Gil Moore and MP Bob Dechert

On Tuesday, August 27th we welcomed three Honourable Members of Parliament! PC, MP Tony Clement, MP Bob Dechert and MP Brad Butt stopped by for a visit and a tour of our facilities. Founder and CEO Gil Moore spent the morning with our three visiting MP’s and gave an in-depth, behind-the-scenes look at Metalworks Institute, Metalworks Studios and Metalworks Production Group! Conversations consisted of politics, education, music trends and entertainment. Our visiting MP’s had a chance to sit down at one of our SSL Consoles in the studio, take an up close and personal look at the gear used for live shows and tour our school! Gil Moore had this to say about their visit, we really appreciate the enthusiasm the Honorable Ministers have shown for our operations here at Metalworks and for the music industry in general – we’ve entered an era of increasing technological  change and it’s incumbent on private enterprise and governments alike to collaborate more than ever”

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