Event Recap: Annual Holiday Staff & Student Pancake Breakfast – Dec 7, 2011

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We held our annual Holiday Pancake Breakfast for the students and staff today. The event is held each winter to celebrate everyone’s hard work and create a social setting for both students and instructors. The event featured delicious freshly-made pancakes made to order and an array of toppings including fruit, whipped cream, syrup and chocolate chips. “The pancake breakfast is the staff’s way of saying thank you to the students and at the same time having an opportunity to connect with them, while sharing some holiday spirit,” commented Gail Brommit, Registrar, who organizes the event each year.

While the delicious pancakes were the feature attraction, the takeaway from the event was the networking opportunities that students were involved in. The students had the opportunity to catch up with each other and discuss what they were working on, as well as share their current musical interests. Some students even had an impromptu jam session in the student lounge, adding some wonderful live music to the festivities.

Josué Céspedes, a third term student, commented, “It’s a good activity for students because we can have a communion and we can share time. It’s more than just pancakes.” Josué is currently enrolled in the Audio Production and Engineering Program.

Thank you to everyone for sharing delicious pancakes and celebrating the season with us!  Also, a very special thank you to Gail for co-ordinating the Holiday Pancake Breakfast and for her consummate pancake-making skills!

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