About Director of Academics Pier Di Biase

A highly educated and talented musician, Pier Di Biase began studying music at a young age with a variety of music teachers and institutes. Starting with the guitar, Pier expanded his ambitions after about nine years of intensive study in music theory and performance, Pier began his university career and achieved a Bachelor of Fine Arts with specialized Honors in Music (Performance and Theory). During his five year study at York University, Pier developed a passion for both jazz and classical composition. After York, Pier studied Audio Production Engineering where he learned and mastered his training in ProTools, Logic, and Sibelius.

Pier has composed a number of pieces to date. Some of his credits include 2 AA Jazz albums along with productions credits from Global News, the Life Network, and WTN. Pier has written two music theory textbooks that will soon be ready for publication.

Pier is currently the Program Manager at Metalworks Institute of Sound and Music Production where he also teaches Music Theory, Counterpoint, Orchestration, Harmony, MIDI & Synthesis, Audio Post Production 1&2, and Sibelius Labs to name a few.

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I often think in music. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music.Albert Einstein