About Success Coordinator/Senior Instructor Melissa Johnston

Melissa Johnston is a music business professional with over thirteen years of experience in music publishing, specializing in mechanical licensing and royalty processing.

After graduating from Durham College’s Entertainment Administration program in 2006, she began her career at CMRRA helping the industry make the transition from physical media to the age of streaming. At the CMRRA, Melissa was able to hone her skills in client management while growing and managing a team of people responsible for the accurate licensing and processing of royalties. Melissa quickly rose through the ranks at the CMRRA and dealt directly with the largest music publishers, major and independent record labels, while interacting with senior management and helping develop a new licensing platform.

Melissa combines her passion for music with a deep understanding of the business side of the industry and the nuances of not only being successful in the industry, but how to navigate the many facets of the industry to thrive.

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