About Instructor Dave Antonacci

Dave Antonacci is an accomplished music composer, producer, director, and supervisor. He has written and produced music for over 300 commercials for television, film, radio, and multimedia. Dave’s composer credits include Marineland, The Canadian International Autoshow, General Motors, IC Savings Bank, Bell Mobility, and Foodland Ontario.

As a record producer for Jazz Inspiration / MCA Records Dave produced over 20 Jazz, Country, Pop, and R&B albums including two Juno Nominated projects. Various artists include Vito Rezza & Five After Four, Lorne Lofsky, Michael Farquharson, and Bobby Curtola. Dave is also a Partner / Producer of Rocket Fuel Records Inc. Their debut artist “Queen Pepper” has received numerous accolades from around the world for her album “True Stories Vol 1” which Dave co-wrote and produced.

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Music is the universal language. Today, its never been easier to share your original music with the entire world.