Pro Tools 310M: Advanced Music Production Techniques


Pro Tools 310M: This course focuses on the advanced operation of a Pro Tools | Ultimate system with HD-series hardware in a professional music production environment. It offers technical insights into both Pro Tools | Ultimate software and Pro Tools | HD-series hardware.

Hours: 3 days (24-30 hours)

The price for this course includes the Official AVID Pro Tools 310M Courseware. Certification Exam Fees Not Included. Official AVID Pro Tools Courseware does NOT include AVID Pro Tools Software.


PT101 Pro Tools Fundamentals I, PT110 Pro Tools Fundamentals II, PT201 Pro Tools Production I, PT210M Pro Tools Production II (Music Production)


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Topics Include:

  • Configure and troubleshoot basic Pro Tools | Ultimate system components with HD-series hardware
  • Work with Avid HD-series peripherals
  • Correct common problems with Pro Tools settings and database files
  • Monitor system resource usage and adjust settings as needed
  • Use keyboard shortcuts and focus modes to quickly execute tasks and control Pro Tools operations
  • Configure advanced settings for cloud collaboration
  • Perform advanced audio importing and recording
  • Perform advanced MIDI editing
  • Use shortcuts for Nudge settings, Grid settings, and pre-and post-roll auditions
  • Apply advanced Beat Detective operations using Collection mode
  • Apply advanced Elastic Audio principles
  • Understand synchronization concepts and Pro Tools | SYNC HD settings
  • Configure and use Satellite Link for music production
  • Use real-time cloud collaboration techniques
  • Understand Pro Tools | Ultimate mixing concepts and principles
  • Perform advanced mixing, apply mixing shortcuts, and recognize proper use of Master Faders and VCA Master tracks
  • Use advanced automation techniques, including Latch Prime, static automation options, and Preview and Capture modes
  • Prepare and export MIDI data for various transfer scenarios
  • Deliver music using AAF and MXF export options
  • Be ready to sit the Avid Certified Expert: Pro Tools | Music certification exam

Software Configurations

  • Pro Tools 11
  • EQ III
  • Dynamics III
  • Time Adjuster
  • D-Fi™
  • ReVibe™
  • Reverb One™
  • Maxim™
  • SignalTools PhaseScope
  • Reel Tape Suite
  • MP3 Option

System Configurations

  • Pro Tools|HD 2 Accel
  • MIDI I/O or similar multi-port MIDI interface
  • C|24, D-Command, or D-Control
  • 192 I/O, 96 I/O, or 96i I/O
  • MIDI keyboard controller

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