Backstage Pass Featuring Michie Mee!

Michie MeeOn Monday, June 25th from 7:30pm-8:30pm EST, MWI Backstage Pass introduces Canada’s hip-hop icon, Michie Mee up close and personal in the south auditorium. Watch and listen to her perform some of her songs and talk about performing, songwriting and her experiences in the music business.

Michie Mee is known within the music industry for her unique rap style of combining reggae and dancehall with hip-hop. Many successful artists have followed in Michie’s footsteps using this gifted technique. With over two decades in the entertainment industry, the Juno nominated rapper and actress is not only an inspiration for female musicians, but also all artists nationwide. Michelle McCullock was born in St. Andrew, Kingston, Jamaica, later relocating to Toronto, Ontario at a young age. While in her mid teens, Michie began crafting her rap style, which quickly gained attention by both Canadian and American rap artists. Michie Mee would make history by signing with First Priority/Atlantic Records, making her the first Canadian rapper to sign with a major record label in the United States. “Elements of Style” was Michie’s first single with producer / partner L.A. Luv.

She has opened for many artists including Will Smith, Salt n Pepa, Heavy D, and LL Cool J. She also had the pleasure of touring with Queen Latifah, Audio Two and fellow Canadians, Maestro Fresh Wes and the Dream Warriors. Although she was a powerful force within the hip-hop culture, Michie’s musical talents did not stop there. She went on tour with singer Sinead O’Conner and was a founding member of the metal band The Day After, formally called Raggadeath, once again showing her skills as a versatile musician. She is a devoted mother and makes it one of her duties to keep involved with today’s youth. She is an avid supporter of children striving to achieve a good education. She is currently working on hot new music, continuing her acting roles and a feature in the 2011 CBC hip hop documentary “Love, Props and the T. Dot.”

MWI Backstage Pass, offers a live and online audience an inside look into the craft and business of some of Canada’s best musicians and performers. Presented by our Institute’s Music Performance & Technology Programs, this brand new streamed forum presents these artists up close and personal to an audience of developing vocalists, guitarists, keyboardists, drummers and bass guitarists and music fans across the country. Participants have the opportunity to ask questions live in person, via twitter or online chat during these streamed events.

For more information about this event call (905) 279-4000 ext. 1720.

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