Announcing the Appointment of Kristen Campbell as Admissions Counsellor!

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Admission Counsellor Kristen Campbell

We’re happy to announce the appointment of Kristen Campbell as Admissions Counsellor. She previously was the International Product Manager/Executive Assistant for Steve Propas at Propas Management Corporation/Propas International Rights Management (PMC/PIRM). “My main responsibilities were similar to that of a label manager at a record label company,” Kristen says of the position. “I still work with the various labels and international distribution partners associated with PMC/PIRM, as well as new clients outside of PMC/PIRM.”

As an Admissions Counsellor at the Institute, Kristen’s responsibilities include contacting potential students who have expressed interest in Metalworks programs, and providing prospective students with the information, guidance and assistance they require to gain knowledge about Metalworks’ programs and facilities. “I’m here to encourage them to make the correct decision for their career goals,” Kristen says. “Education is the key to everything in this world and unless there is a solid foundation of understanding as to how something functions, whether it be playing an instrument, conducting a business deal or creating a record, then that something just won’t be the best that it can be!”

Kristen is excited to be a part of the team. She says, “what appeals to me about Metalworks is the history of the studio, as well as the infrastructure that has been built over the years for all of its parented companies. The staff have all been very supportive!”

We wish Kristen Campbell all the best in her new role at our Institute!

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