Mississauga Arts Council Host Second-Annual Fundraising Gala for the Arts

City builders including developers, artists, and political leaders are rallying around the Mississauga Arts Council’s upcoming Renaissance Masquerade Ball, a celebration of art and creativity that is bringing up to 500 citizens to the Lakeshore Convention Centre on Thursday, November 23. The fancy dress ball and fundraising dinner for the arts will be complete with masks and entertainment, featuring many of Mississauga’s finest young musical performers.

The role of performers and artists in the building of any city’s character has been at the core of the Mississauga Arts Council’s agenda since 1981. MAC has been developing and helping to grow participation, recognition, and rewards for artists across all genres.

Music entrepreneur Gil Moore, CEO of Metalworks Studios Group and a long-time MAC supporter, said, “Art is an ageless lens into the soul of our community. The arts are a catalyst for good feelings, smiles and bringing Mississauga to life!”

Mayor Crombie concludes, “We are fortunate to work with celebrated artists, individuals, and volunteers from the Mississauga Arts Council – renaissance men and women – who are all helping to build a brighter future for Mississauga.”

A brighter future on its way, after a night of music, dining, auction bidding, and dancing, all in celebration of the creative spirit that brings our city together.

Tickets are available here: http://www.mississaugaartscouncil.com/product/renaissance-masquerade-ball-tickets/

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