Incurrents Student Concert Raises Funds & Awareness for Make Music Matter

Recently, Music Performance & Technology students in their graduating year worked together to put on one final show of all original tunes. This collaborative project gives students the opportunity to put everything they’ve learned into practice, and it gives faculty, friends, family, and the Metalworks community a chance to see how far each artist has come.

This year, students performed under the name Incurrents at 3030 Dundas West and raised hundreds of dollars for Make Music Matter with entry and raffle ticket sales. Make Music Matter is a charitable organization that provides music therapy to people affected by conflict, HIV/AIDS, and sexual violence. They are currently providing support in two locations: the Panzi Hospital in Bukavu DRC, and the Uyisenga household in Rwamagana Rwanda.

Prizes for the raffle were generally donated by Metalworks alumni and supporters, including many local businesses. Special thanks to all these generous donors! Keep reading to learn more about the artists, our donors, Make Music Matter, and why students chose to support this worthy cause.

Vocal Major Mandolynne Knott talked a bit about why the class chose to support Make Music Matter:

“After reading MMM mission statement, researching their cause, and hearing first-hand from [Founder] Darcy Ataman about the work they do, it was done deal. I think that all of us who were there that night truly understand the impact that music has on us psychologically and emotionally, and how incredibly powerful music is in terms of its ability to heal. Those on the stage that night are all born writers and we heal ourselves through writing and performing. I know without it, it would feel as though we'd lost a lifeline. So, to know that those in marginalized communities are getting the opportunity to write, record, and share their traumatic experiences via music really resonated with us. It's such a crucial part of the healing process, and we're so amazed at Make Music Matter's efforts to aid in that process. We were so fortunate to help the best way we know how... through music.”

Meet The Artists

Mandolynne is a singer and songwriter currently attending Metalworks Institute pursuing a major in vocals. Most notably she is the lead vocalist and lyricist of Lady Indigo; an Indie Alternative band based out of Mississauga. The band is quickly gaining recognition as an energetic, haunting and quirky live band.
In addition to this, Mandolynne serves as a child advocate putting a strong emphasis on community. She volunteers her spare time to Children’s Aid Societies and Community Service initiatives throughout the GTA. She hopes to use her musical platform to raise awareness of issues currently impacting those living within and affected by the foster care system.

ABshek is an award-winning singer, songwriter, music composer and producer from Toronto, Ontario. In addition to his extensive training in Indian and Western Classical Music, he has significant studio and performing experience in Hindi (Bollywood), Tamil, English Pop, and R&B/Soul. The winner of numerous awards and honours, including the recent MARTY 2018 award for Best Vocalist, ABshek has toured as a performing and studio musician around Canada, the United States, and South Asia.

Marcelo Roballo is a multi-instrumentalist, writer, and producer attending the MPT program at Metalworks Institute. Always fascinated by unorthodox sounds, he takes inspiration from various musical genres and cultures; new and old. He is currently a member of the indie-alternative band Lady Indigo, and is working hard on his own music projects which he hopes to share in the not too distant future.

Maddy Little is a singer/songwriter from Milton, Ontario. She is best known for her work with her indie-alternative band, We Wander. She is currently in the studio working on an EP due out sometime in the near future.

Will Devine is a drummer, from London, ON, with 17 years experience. Currently working with groups such as Lady Indigo, and We Wander.

Andrea Arthur is a Canadian musician, unlike any before. Breaking out in the modern pop scene, making waves with her unique sound, blending a multitude of genres and influences from many walks of music, she’s someone special to keep your eye on.

Zach Krol is a drummer from Brampton, ON, with 7 years experience and a background in Rock, Metal & Punk music. He is currently working with a new hardcore punk band of MetalWorks students, OSR who are preparing to play some shows in the near future! Keep your eye out for Zach and this up and coming band!

Benjamin Macqueen is a guitar player and composer from Chile, currently attending the MPT Guitar Major program at Metalworks Institute. He draws inspiration from many different musical styles, looking to create new and interesting musical compositions.

Paulina Rosales a.k.a. PREAZ is a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Chile. With influences form Jazz, Classical, Latin, Progressive Metal and Electronic music, she writes with freedom, embracing every idea, and refusing the boundaries of settling into just one path. Watch out for her upcoming single!

Connor Steele is a guitar player and songwriter, currently attending Metalworks Institute in the Guitar Major program. He is currently a member and writer in the indie-alternative band Lady Indigo. As a lover of psychedelic and experimental music, he tries to draw inspiration from unusual sources and break out of conventional songwriting techniques.

And a note from Make Music Matter Board member David Bottrill - Mainstation Music:

"Many thanks to all the organizers and participants of last Tuesday's Make Music Matter fundraiser at 3030 Dundas St W. Mandolynne Elizabeth and all the students of Metalworks Institute worked so hard and played so well –  a set of almost entirely original material, they made both their instructors and the reps of MMM very proud!"

Founder Darcy Ataman talks about Make Music Matter

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