About Instructor Peter “Stoy” Stoynich

Peter ‘Stoy’ Stoynich is one of Canada’s most respected and talented live sound engineers. He has over 30 years of professional experience and a Bachelor of Music from the University of Western Ontario.

Stoy has done FOH Audio for numerous major productions including Canada’s Walk of Fame, The Juno Awards, Big Brother Canada, the NFL Halftime show at the Rogers Centre, and the Aboriginal Music Awards.

“Doing professional live gigs helps me keep in touch with new gear and technologies.  Keeping myself current helps me make sure our graduating students can feel confident they are fully prepared for their own audio careers,” says Stoy.

Stoy has worked for numerous top-tier musical groups and artists including the Vancouver, Winnipeg and Kitchener Symphonies, Kim Mitchell, Tom Cochrane, Molly Johnson, The Infidels, and Honeymoon Suite, and for major festivals including Edgefest and Digital Dreams.

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