About Instructor Jordan Kane

Jordan is a highly skilled and trained classical and jazz pianist, vocalist, composer and drummer. As a music educator, Jordan believes that it is his responsibility to provide well-prepared quality instruction to help each student realize his or her own potential and abilities. He also believes that every student, no matter what challenges they are faced with, can benefit from music instruction. Jordan believes that there is always a solution for every technical and musical problem and thrives on helping students find those creative solutions.

Jordan has graduated from the Humber College majoring in piano and completed his undergraduate degree in music at York University. He has also completed his Master’s degree at Five Town College in New York City. He has written music for educational purposes, media purposes, and cultural interest group purposes. In addition to writing and performing with the progressive rock band JOJETO, Jordan’s drumming has been featured on numerous albums and commercial soundtracks, and his jazz compositions have been featured on Canada’s CBC Radio.

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