About Instructor Diane Foy

Publicist and creativity coach, Diane Foy has spent 15 years at the helm of her own arts and entertainment PR agency based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She has helped hundreds of artists increase their profile and secure international media coverage through strategic PR campaigns.

The talent that she has worked with includes Jane’s Addiction’s Perry Farrell, actor, singer and author Mackenzie Phillips, Pretty Little Liars actor Tyler Blackburn, Trailer Park Boys actor/comedian Robb Wells, radio & TV personality Meredith Shaw, rock singer Sass Jordan, Gordie Johnson-led blues-rock band Big Sugar, legendary punk pioneers DOA and one of South Africa’s best-selling music acts of all time, The Parlotones.

Although Diane has collaborated with celebrities, she feels the most accomplished helping independent artists on their journey from unknown to career success. Seeing many of her clients struggle with their creativity and branding inspired her to become a certified coach practitioner.

Having been a photographer, makeup artist, journalist, artisan, artist manager, publicist, and creativity coach, Diane has more than 25 years’ experience as a multi-passionate creative entrepreneur. She coaches artists and performers to connect to their life’s purpose, present an authentic image and make powerful connections, which allows them to attract more fans, media, and opportunities. She is currently writing a book based on her authentic personal branding 3-part formula.

Diane has explored various career paths and the inspiration for all of them has been her passion for the arts. “As creative artists, you have the power to change lives with your talent,” she says, “my purpose is to provide tools, resources, motivation, and support to ensure that the world gets to experience that power.”

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