Recording Technologies: Microphones


This course will provide students with a broad introduction to the basics of microphones including microphone construction, microphone operation and microphone classification. During this course students will examine the various types of microphones used by professional recording engineers, polar patterns, impedance, phase cancellation and feedback. Most notably, this course will look at microphone techniques used by professional recording engineers as well as choosing the best microphone any given scenario.

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Made possible with the support of the Ontario Media Development Corporation.

Course Topics

  • Introduction to Sound
  • Introduction to Microphones
  • Microphone Accessories
  • Signal Flow
  • Polar Patterns
  • Frequency Response and Proximity Effect
  • Microphone Controls
  • Impedance
  • Phase & Phase Cancellation
  • Feedback
  • Choosing the Right Microphone
  • Stereo Microphone Techniques