Music, Art & Culture I


Music, Art & Culture I provides students with an overview of the history of music, art and culture from the prehistoric age, through to ancient Greece and Rome, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the Enlightenment, the Romantic era, the Industrial Revolution and the 19th century. By the end this course, the student will have a solid understanding of the development of human thought and society as well as how music, art and culture were profoundly affected by the historical occurrences of these eras.

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Course Topics

  • From Prehistory to Ancient Greece
  • Christianity and the Dark Ages
  • Music and Art in the Middle Ages
  • The Renaissance – Origins and Artists
  • The Renaissance: Music & Growth
  • The Enlightenment Part 1
  • The Enlightenment Part 2
  • Music Evolves Part 1: Baroque
  • Music Evolves Part 2: The Classical Era
  • Music Evolves Part 3: Beethoven
  • The Industrial Revolution
  • Writers in the Romantic Era