Alumni Update: Yanni Caldas, Music Mixing & Mastering and Audio Production & Engineering

Yanni Caldas graduated from both the Audio Production & Engineering and the post-graduate Music Mixing & Mastering Diploma Programs in 2017/2018, and has since been building his credit list under his brand-name ‘Amnesia Sound’. Yanni is now working as both a freelance audio-engineer and composer for film and television.  

As a composer, Yanni works remotely for multiple clients including Bell Media and Haus Music + Sound. While the majority of Yanni’s composition work so-far has been for TV, he has also created music beds for broadcast media, written music for trailers and promotional videos, and scored a few short-films, including ‘One Step Forward, Two Steps Back’, a Swiss short-film scheduled to be released in 2019. Some of Yanni’s more recognizable credits include writing music for popular television shows including American Pickers, Homicide Hunters, and The Deed.  

In addition to his work composing for media, Yanni has been working as a freelance producer for local recording artists, telling us, “with styles from gospel to pop to latin, every day ends up being a different experience.” Recently, Yanni recently finished work on Abigail Ramprashad’s debut Gospel EP which came out just before Christmas 2018. The entire EP was recorded with fellow Metalworks Institute graduate Ian Madden.

Yanni’s music career is off to a great start, so we decided to ask him “What has been the most helpful aspect of your Metalworks education?” and this is what he had to tell us

“The most helpful aspect that I got from my Metalworks Education was to learn how to listen and ‘feel’ the music. I used to think ‘this is how I always treat this cello or guitar’ but now I’ve learned to listen to what that instrument’s role is in the music [so I can] help it do its job.”

He then finished up our interview with some advice for current students:
“You’re going to be rejected, a lot. But when that one person decides to listen to what you can do, make sure it’s the best you can do. Always be prepared.” 

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