Alumni Update: Nicole Pitre, Music Performance & Technology

An honors graduate of Metalworks Institute’s Music Performance & Technology program this past year, Nicole Pitre subsequently obtained not one, but three positions as a voice and piano teacher. These three positions each offer her a unique opportunity to apply her knowledge and skills as well as help students to embrace and expand their passion for music.

One position Nicole has begun is with Mindwerx4kids, a private elementary school which focuses on children with special needs. Whether emotional, physical or behavioural needs, the children and the difficulties they face have been markedly improved with the addition of music to their curriculum. While Nicole admits that it has been difficult at times, she says she’s been able to “rise to the challenge, and continue to bring the joy of music into the children’s’ lives.”

Additionally, Nicole teaches at Rock this Way – School of rock, providing students with music programs tailored to their personal preferences. “This approach helps to engage the students,” says Nicole, “which in turn makes it more likely that they will embrace music and attain their goals. I love teaching at this school because every students and every lesson is completely different from week to week.”

Lastly, she is working with StageCoach, an international performing arts program with more than 800 schools worldwide. Training is offered in singing, dancing and acting. The program has produced several noteworthy alumni over the years, most notably actress Emma Watson (Harry Potter, Beauty & the Beast). “I feel extremely grateful to have the opportunity to work at this world-renowned school” adds Nicole.

Earlier this year, Nicole received the 2017 mentorship Award at her Metalworks Institute graduation ceremony. This award involved a one-on-one meeting with veteran Canadian music executive Denise Donlon, the former Executive Director of CBC Radio, President of Sony Music Canada and Member of the Order of Canada. “Since our initial meeting, we have begun to cultivate a plan which will enable me to learn and grow as an artist. I am so thankful for this invaluable opportunity”

In addition to all of this, Nicole continues to develop and nurture her band “Cadence Undercover”, an acoustic alternative rock band. Her goals for the band include working on adding original material to their current repertoire, recording ad eventually touring.

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