Alumni Update: Dustin Cowan, Show Production & Event Management

After graduating from Metalworks Institute’s Show Production & Event Management Program in 2012, Dustin Cowan gained a wide variety of experience through many unique positions ranging from general tech support to event management and even dabbled into artist management.

His work as a freelance audio-visual technician connected him with an array of clients in the corporate world, providing him with many opportunities. Once he gained some ground, he combined his audio/visual knowledge with his background in construction and veered into audio-visual installations. This shift in focus landed him a contract for a major A/V installation for Loblaw’s corporate.

Dustin relocated to Alberta to work in the oil sands and simultaneously continued his work in artist management, helping artists with distribution deals and performance contracts in addition to negotiating record deals and managing promotional personnel.

Upon returning to Ontario, Dustin secured a position with Palmer Audio in Cambridge and was recently promoted to the Head of Staging, Rigging, Truss and Décor. Through his work here, he has been involved with some major clients, including Molson/Coors, the Molson Indy, the NHL, the Cottage Life Show and the Casby Awards. In this role he serves as a vital part of every show from preparation to strike through management of inventory and department activity. This opportunity provides potential for live events as well as international travel moving forward.

Dustin says “as I bounce between my department and the Audio, Video and Electrical departments, the daily challenges I face constantly bring me back to my studies and the knowledge I obtained from them. Despite a heavy course workload, I loved every second of being a student at MWI. The collective wealth of knowledge plus the amazingly creative and supportive atmosphere, due to the faculty and students alike, was extraordinary. It completely changed the way I see the everyday world, and I truly miss being a part of it.”

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