Alumni Update: Derrick Sepnio, Audio Production & Engineering

After moving back to his native Hong Kong several years ago, Audio Production & Engineering graduate Derrick Sepnio co-founded PRC Music Productions and Lightroom Studios with renowned singer Khalil Fong. During that time, Derrick produced a string of number one hits in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, for artists such as Jane Zhang, Bibi Zhou, Fiona Sit, Tia Ray, and more.

Later, Derrick worked alongside acclaimed engineers and producers Tony Maserati, Phil Tan, and Dave Pensado to produce a critically-acclaimed double album with Khalil Fong entitled JTW. That album went on to generate four #1 singles in China.

As a producer, based out of the Lightroom Studios, Derrick has produced ten #1 hits in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China, featuring popular Asian artists such as A-Lin, Jayden Joshua, Khalil Fong and Fiona Sit. He’s won numerous awards for his production work, including a Best Arrangement Award at the 2015 Golden Sail Awards, presented by the Composers and Authors Society of Hong Kong (CASH), the primary performing rights organization in Hong Kong.

Beyond his production skills, Derrick is also a well-respected session guitar players in Asia. He’s been on three tours with famed Hong Kong diva Sandy Lam as her touring guitarist, most recently playing a 50-city world tour that featured a stop at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Derrick was also the touring guitarist for Chinese pop star Karen Mok on her 2015-2016 Regardez tour, which featured 30 worldwide tour dates, including stops in London, Sydney, Vancouver and Toronto.

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